New Year, New Things!

As 2019 comes to a close, 2020 has some exciting things coming ahead! So what happening in 2020? Find out below!


  1. New year, new city:
    • From Philadelphia, PA to Fells Point in Baltimore, MD
      • Near the water!
  2. My own work space!
    • I currently live in a shoebox and it can be difficult with my 2 kitties to work! In the new year I will be moving into an apartment with a bigger space and room to work!
    • More videos switching from every other Friday to every Friday starting in the new year! (with exciting guests; bloggers, business owners, and more)
  4. Last semester of college
    • I will be finishing school in late February to March getting my degree in Design and Merchandising for Fashion!
  5. Internship!
    • Starting in a few months I will be interning at a marketing agency to gain more skills! *** you can never have too much experience! 


Whats going for you in the new year? Comment it below or message me on Instagram and say hi @babyyyli !




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