Best places to eat during Thanksgiving break in Philly

We are less than 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving (FINALLY!) Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays of the year, as it is all about FAMILY! Here are some of the top places to eat in Philly leading up to Thanksgiving and during the break!



1. Heritage

With live jazz/ funk music and mouth watering dishes, Heritage has a fresh take on American food. The drink menu is crazy tasty and the ambiance is homey! This cozy resturant is perfect for you and your loved one or to hang out with friends! If its not too cold outside Heritage has the perfect outdoor set up that occasionally has a fire pit 😉 Heritage is located on 914 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123


2. Oyster House

If you love fresh seafood and killer Bloody Mary’s you must go to Oyster House. Located on 15th and Sansom Oyster House’s seafood is so fresh its from the morning of. Every day they get fresh fish from all over the east coast. When you go defiantly sit at the bar, you get a front row look at the fish and how they prepare the dishes!


3. Distrito

In the mood for Mexican?! Distrito is hands down one of the best Mexican resturant in Philly. Located on 3945 Chestnut St, from the pitcher margaritas to the mouth watering tacos and loaded nachos this place is delicious. The inside of Distrito is hip, retro, and urban with their neon signs and pops of color. (they also have a karaoke room!)


4. Hip City Veg

Whether your vegan or not, you can not tell the difference with Hip City Veg’s good tasting menu. If your looking for a quick bite, or are in the mood for “burgers” you have to check this place out!  Hip City Veg has three locations in Philly: 214 S 40th St, North American Building, 121 S Broad St, and 127 S 18th St.

*** they have the best sweet potato fries EVER


5. Green Eggs Café

Green Eggs Café is a great place to satisfy those morning munchies. If you looking for quality and quantity in your breakfast look no further. One of the things I love about this place is the variety on the menu and carefulness of dietary needs. The only downside with Green Eggs Café is it is cash only. Green Eggs Café has 5 locations in Philly: 212 S 13th St, 1306 Dickinson St, 719 N 2nd St, 2800 W Girard Ave, and 2327 Gaul St.


6. Morimoto

With a fresh take on Asian cuisine Morimoto’s 5 star menu has unique and fresh flavors. Located on 723 Chestnut Street this resturant is hard to spot but hard to forget. Once you walk in the door you are immediately shocked with the interior design. The combination of Morimoto’s renowned menu and chic interior will leave you with one of your more memorable sushi experiences.


7. Sabrina’s Café

Another favorite breakfast place of mine is Sabrina’s Café. Serving breakfast all day they have dishes like Stuffed Challah French Toast to the Mediterranean Omelette! Sabrina’s Café location in University City gives you college vibes with its ivy league style. Sabrina’s Café has 3 locations in Philly: 910 Christian Street, 1804 Callowhill Street, and 227 N 34th St.


8. Bakeshop on 20th

This small local bakery on 269 South 20th Street is popular for their baked goods such but famous for their as Babka Buns. The babka is so popular they also sell out within a few hours of opening! Not only do they make sweets but there breakfast sandwiches are also tasty!


9. Schmear It

Schmear It is a small but mighty bagel shop in Philly. With their unique menu, Smear it makes your ordinary bagel turn into something extraordinary. Smear has two locations: 36th & Market and 990 Spring Garden.


10. Max Brenners

If you have a sweet tooth and are chocolate obsessed, Max Brenners is for you. They have the richest chocolate and creamiest milkshakes I have ever had! Max Brenners makes you feel like a kid in a candy store, with the chocolate inspired decor, strong smell of chocolate when you first walk in, and mouth watering dessert menu. Max Brenners is located on Located on 1500 Walnut St.


11. Parc

Want to feel like you are in a french bistro? Are you a fan of french food? Parc is one of the best french resturants in Philly. With their warm bread, mussels, and amazing fish you will wonder why you haven’t been here already! Parc is located on 227 S 18th St in the heart of Rittenhouse square!

***The best tasting fish I have ever had!


12. Bud and Marylins

This American-styled cozy retro resturant, is on the corner of 1234 Locust St. This is one of me and my boyfriend’s favorite places to go! Every time I’ve been it is not only packed but the vibe is awesome. The service is excellent and the food never disappoints.


13. Urban Village Brewing Company

For some delicious oven brick pizza, small plates, and bar feels head to Urban Village Brewing Company. With energy and beer tasting menu, this place is perfect for an outing with friends. When you are there you can also go and hang out outside near their fire pit! Urban Village Brewing Company is located on 1001 N 2nd St.


Happy Almost Thanksgiving!


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