Amazon The Drop, the latest fashion source!

Amazon The Drop, the latest fashion source for all your trendy needs! So what is Amazon The Drop and how does it work? Keep reading to find out!


The rundown:

  1. Amazon The Drop selects global influencers to create street style lines of clothing.
  2. You will see updates on an upcoming collection on their Instagram, but never know until the week of by text message when it will drop. (you have to sign up for the text messages)
  3. When the collection drops you will get a text and only have 30 hours to shop until it is gone. (*** Reason why it is only 30 hours is because they have limited fabric and they make each style after you place an order to reduce waste)
  4. After placing an order you will receive the item in 2-4 weeks (as they make the item after you purchase)
  5. Enjoy!


For the drops that already happened, they have just a few left limited styles & sizes from influencer collections you missed: Shop here!

Here are some items I received from past Drops!


Amazon The Drop x Viktoria Dahlberg
Amazon The Drop x Milenale Secrect
Amazon The Drop x Milenale Secrect
Amazon The Drop x Spread Fashion
Amazon The Drop x Spread Fashion


In addition to Amazon’s The Drop they also have Staples by The Drop. Staples by The Drop is clothing made by Amazon and offers basic items everyone should have in their closet. Check out some of my favorites below!

*This denim jacket


Buy here

*Classic tee shirt dress


Buy here

*Must have silk skirt


Buy here

*Basic tank top perfect for layering and can be worn during any season + its super soft!


Buy here

*A cute top with lace detailing


Buy here



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