365 days, a reflection of the past year and beyond.


Today’s blog post is not like others I have made before. November 3rd, is my birthday and I wanted to write a post about why this day is important and how much has changed. For starters those who do not know, I am still in school and will be done in March (yay!!!). This is not only super scary but exciting at the same time! Last year this time I was a junior working as an intern for a clothing company. Today I am finishing my last year and looking for jobs! (crazy!) So what’s so special about November 3? A year in reflection and a day more than just my birthday. Last year I got a @neda tattoo as a reminder to never give up and never go back to my old eating habits. November 3rd, 2014 I was released from inpatient treatment from my eating disorder. My birthday November 3 is more than just a day it’s a celebration of me being okay and stabilizing my recovery. Thank you for those who have supported me and continue to do so! If you know some who is struggling with anorexia please go to http://www.neda.com




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