Save That $$$



Tips to find good buys for cheap!

Key to a successful shopping day is spending on a budget.

  1. Go into the store and always head straight for the sale. (sale section at places is always just merchandise that has not been bought, many things in the sale section could be good buys)  1. A) Another budget idea- save cash and use it to spend the amount you actually want, instead of overspending!


Wanna explore more than just a mall or chain of stores?

2. Go to a second hand or thrift store! A good example is Buffalo Exchange, ( I always find good buys for super cheap!


Trying to get rid of clothes online?

3. Sell clothes that you don’t wear or donate them and get money to buy clothes you will wear more often (staple items!)  P.S. good place to visit is Poshmark! (check out StyleLi’s/lcratner’s closet)


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Liana  <3

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