#1- Staple Items

Feeling like you wanna change your wardrobe or spice things up but are too scared? This post will help you with some styling tips!:

Tip 1#

Always go for plain neutral colors! They are easy to pair with and can become interchangeable to any outfit!

StyleLi’s neutral colors are: Black, Grey, White, and Navy.

Staple Items check list-

  1. A pair of black skinny jeans.
  2. Classic style Ray Ban aviators with gold or silver trim.
  3. A pair of white jeans.
  4. 1 medium wash denim jacket.
  5. A black miniskirt.
  6. 1 medium wash denim jean.
  7. 1 light wash denim jean.
  8. A gray, black, and navy blazer.
  9. 1 plain black dress.
  10. Tees in all neutral colors.
  11. Tanks in all neutral colors.
  12. Jean mini or medium length skirt.
  13. Button down in a few neutral colors.
  14. Neutral colored peacoat.
  15. Long sleeves in all neutral colors.


Need some more guidance? Contact me!


Liana ❤

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  1. RM

    Thanks for the tips!! Ill be looking forward to your next post 🙂

    1. Thanks so much hun! xoxo, StyleLi

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